Craft Services is a worldwide network of selected, skilled, and mutually supportive film and television writers looking to develop their craft and careers – regardless of their distance from Hollywood.

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Craft Services has active relationships with some of the leading companies in Hollywood and the global film and TV industry, including:

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Creative Community

Build dynamic relationships with fellow writers and creators on our no-cost, 24/7 online forum.

Industry Access

Join regular Zoom calls with high-level screenwriters, directors, representatives and executives.

Creative Guidance

Join weekly writing workshops and receive supportive and constructive feedback on your work.

Professional opportunities

Take the opportunity to submit your projects for professional consideration.

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Craft Services brings real-time Hollywood insight and guidance to creative people far from Los Angeles and regardless of background, financial status, or experience.  Our members can be found across the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Iceland and beyond.  And their efforts to advise, support, and boost each other forge the kind of peer-to-peer relationships that can power long and successful creative careers.

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“Craft Services has provided me with key information, inspiration, and community – and has powerfully equipped me for what promises to be an exciting and unpredictable career ahead.”

Nicole Magabo, Kampala, Uganda
With the help of Craft Services, Nicole is now represented by Curate Management and the Paradigm Agency
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"Joining Craft Services has been a gamechanger for me as an emerging screenwriter. In addition to the great industry professionals who come to our Zoom meetings to speak to us directly, there's a real sense of community here. Craft Services is an incredible resource."

Andy Compton, St. Louis, Missouri, US
Andy is managed by Epicenter. His first movie, based on his screenplay, is now gearing up for production.
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"Outside the obvious benefit of curated guest speakers, I have found a personal connection with several of the talented writers of Craft Services. Being able to discuss the highs and lows of the industry around the globe, as well as the craft of screenwriting, has been indispensable to both my work and mental wellness."

Elias Kofoed, Reykjavik, Iceland
Elias is a feature and television writer in Iceland who has developed a series for Blumhouse and written on several top Icelandic TV series.
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"Craft Services is a unique, inspiring, and humble community where creatives everywhere have the opportunity to be mentored by an A-list, world-class producer. I'm in remote Australia where kangaroos literally hop down my street, and it doesn't matter in the slightest. Networking with film and TV creators is a real, everyday occurrence. It's incredible."

Nick Philippa, Queensland, Australia
Nick, a veteran of the Australian army, is currently adapting a book and writing two screenplays.
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"I am immensely grateful to have such a welcoming place to funnel my creative energy and connect with artists all over the world. The fact that Nicky and his stellar team give such personal feedback is mind-boggling. Craft Services is a special community, and the friendships I've made are invaluable."

Emily Bernard, Midland Park, New Jersey, US
Emily is an aspiring film and television writer currently working as a film reviewer and journalist.

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